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About Us

Welcome to Nurture Nest

Do you seek excellent art classes or art therapy for yourself or a family member?  Consider your search complete! Meet Tammy Thomson and her team of artists, teachers, and art therapists, who are taking individual and family wellness to a new level.

Our Approach:

At Nurture Nest, we believe every individual is unique. This means we tailor our art curriculum content and our art therapy sessions to your specific needs. Delivered by our highly trained and experienced instructors, our art classes are not only educational but also engaging and fun. Art lessons evolve over time as the learner’s capability increases. We believe that art can transform the way you experience your life and the world around you.

More than Art:

Nurture Nest forms a community of passionate people who in addition to being lovers of many different art forms also care about the overall well-being of children and families. We have a diverse collection of art therapy and counselling approaches to help you and your family be at your best.

Contact us to learn more.

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