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"Our online art classes will nurture and inspire you and your family  from the comfort of your home to create art together that is a work of your heart." says founder, Tammy Thomson. 

For CREATIVE families who want to CONNECT by making art together. 

Our online classes will TEACH new techniques while nurturing and inspiring your family from the comfort of your home. 

Our qualified and friendly teachers will gently guide you through the creative process. 

We provide high quality art kits to get you started on your creative journey. 

Join us and start your work of HEART today!

Nurture Nest has grown over the past 10 years out of our passion for connecting families through our love of early childhood education and our desire to share our joy in the process of creating art. Nurture Nest is a culmination of dreams, hard  work, and connection with people who truly make art a work of HEART!

A note from our founder...

​​​Now more than ever, during these uncertain times,

our families have encountered more moments of

feeling disconnected and discontent than perhaps we

have ever had. We want to help you find your joy while

creating art together from the comfort of your own home. 


We've made it our mission to use visual art as a way into the hearts of families

who want to connect and create together. 


What began as  in-person art classes and events for children and families has now transpired into an online community that values creativity and connection more than ever. 

Moving to an online platform, we now have the opportunity to connect with you wherever you call home. Geography and distance are no longer a barrier to access high quality and engaging art experiences. 

Our classes are process-art focused. This means we don't follow a 'paint by number' or one size fits all  'cookie cutter craft' approach. We tailor our art curriculum content in each class to the people we teach. We have classes for babies, preschoolers, children, teens and social adult classes. We've even been able to create innovative birthday parties online!   

We've designed an art kit for each type of class to get you started. We put care into searching for quality art supplies that are appropriate for the age and stage of every family member. 

With our training and knowledge of art, we will guide your family through the process

while nurturing your gifts and potential. We will gently encourage you to explore new

materials and techniques. No experience is necessary and mistakes are okay here! 

You will be delighted to produce something as unique as you are! 

I personally invite you to join us online today!

Let's create a work of HEART together!

-Tammy Thomson



Tammy Thomson Headshot.jpg

Tammy Thomson

Founder of Nurture Nest