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Art Classes for All

We are in the process of developing online art classes with a creative wellness approach for all ages. Please email or sign up to our newsletter to find out more.

Registration begins in May for a start in June 2024.

Email us at to try a free online class in June.

Our unique online curriculum includes drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, crafting, and more, and is tailored to the interests and abilities of students, incorporating art history, quality materials, and even mindfulness exercises to boost creativity and mental health wellness.

Class Length: 50 to 60 minutes in length.

Cost: $25-35 per session online. (schedule coming soon in May - email for details)

Class Size: 4-12 students online to interact with of a similar age group of peers.

Art Materials: Use what you have at home or check out our preferred list of supplies coming soon in May.

Art classes are taught by experienced professional art therapist who support learning of the whole person incorporating:

  • psychosocial skills and positive engagement with peers

  • mindfulness and relaxation to reduce anxiety and stress

  • creative expression to improve self-esteem and confidence 

  • executive functioning skills (skills for life) 

Current ONLINE Art Class Offerings

Little Scribblers Class - Ages 3-5  years with a caregiver Online

Process-based art and music, stories and songs to support their development.

Taught by a 2 teacher team of a music therapist and music teacher, and an early childhood educator, teacher and art therapist. Parents must participate or be nearby in the room. Perfect for children who benefit in a smaller group setting. Neurodiversity and special needs are always welcome.

Kids Art Maker Class - Ages 5-12 years Online

We aim to group similar ages as best we can, but children enjoy learning from others regardless of age.  Neurodiverse children and those with special needs are always welcome as our instructors have experience with all abilities.  If your child has higher needs, we may request a parent or aide stay nearby to help should your child require a break or some extra support.

Teens Art Maker Class - Ages 13-17 years Online 

Teens will have the opportunity to meet new friends and unplug from their busy worlds for the duration of this class. Drawing, painting, sculpture and more will support teens to grow in their diverse interests to try new mediums. Taught by a professionally trained artist and art therapist, teens can engage in valuable lessons in creating their own portfolio of personal work and connect with others who have similar interests in art while learning more about themselves in the process. Neurodiversity is welcome. 

Adult Art Maker Class - Ages 18+ Online 

No previous experience is require in this adult class. Try a variety of mediums and learn new techniques from an experienced artist and art therapist. Engage in exercises to increase your creativity, be more mindful and enjoy time for yourself.

A wonderful way to connect with friends or meet some new ones and being online in the comfort of your home or workplace requires no babysitter or commute!


Try a class FREE for the month of June

(we know you will want to try for more!)

Email us at to try your first online class free in June 2024!


Email for registration information and to try a free class in June.

Tammy Thomson

Art Teacher - Preschool/Children/Teens/Adults

Tammy has been making art since before she could hold a brush! A lover of all art materials, Tammy is the founder of Nurture Nest, and teachers many of our early childhood art groups and children's art lessons and classes. She is highly trained and experienced as an early childhood educator, elementary school teacher, and professional art therapist. Tammy has taught various art classes for over 15 years, ran a STEAM Makerspace, worked with homeschool groups and neurodiverse students, ran paint nights and developed a community outdoor family art program called "Art in the Park." 


In her own art practice, Tammy is an avid creator herself dabbling all types of art mediums and loves to try new techniques! There are few art materials Tammy has not tried - even dryer lint! As a mother of three young children herself, Tammy brings a gentle, collaborative approach to artmaking with her students of all ages and abilities to help them discover who they are and find their creativity!

Favourite Quote: 


"If you can DREAM it, you can do it!" - Walt Disney

Tammy Thomson art teacher

Erin Gartner

Art Teacher - Children/Teens/Adults

With a strong emphasis on process over product, Erin encourages her students to focus on the joy and fulfillment that comes from the act of creating, rather than solely on the end result. She believes that art is a powerful tool for learning, and she strives to help her students develop their artistic skills while also fostering their confidence and self-esteem.


Erin is committed to helping her students discover their unique artistic voices and develop a lifelong love and appreciation for art.


Erin has earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Alberta University of the Arts. Erin is also a professional art therapist.


“Art is art, nature is nature, you cannot improve upon it…..Pictures should be inspired by nature but made in the soul of the artist. It is the soul of the individual that counts.”

-Emily Carr


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Take Art Classes from Qualified Teachers

Whether you want to learn how to paint a scene, draw a building or sculpt an animal, we offer art classes to both beginners and advanced students.

Classes are offered year round.

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