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Art Therapy & Education for Adults

Painting on Canvas

Adult Art Psychotherapy

"Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy, facilitating self-exploration and understanding. Using imagery, colour and shape as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate."  - CATA

Session online or in person at or studio in

Calgary Alberta.

Meet our Team of Professional Masters Level Trained

Art Psychotherapists and Art Therapy Students

Art therapy can help you express feelings, cope with anxieties, become more mindful and enjoy the creative process.  If you have not had success with traditional talk therapy, then art therapy may be for you. You may ask, "But what if I am no good at art?" Art therapy is for everyone. Creativity and art therapy is more process than product focused. Freedom to express yourself using different types of mediums and materials is supported. Clients cultivate and follow the creative impulse to see what happens. 

Adult Art Hive

“Communities are not built of friends, or of groups of people with similar styles and tastes, or even of people who like and understand each other. They are built of people who feel they are part of something that is bigger than themselves. To build community requires only the ability to see value in others: to look at them and see a potential partner in one's enterprise.”

-Suzanne Goldsmith, A City Year, 1997

  • Booking is require to save your space.

  • $30 for a 3 hour booking (6 adults max in the space)

  • Includes access to art studio, all art materials and guided by an art therapist/facilitator. 

Our Community Art Hive:

  • welcomes everyone as an artist and believes art making is a human behavior.

  • celebrates the strengths and creative capacities of individuals and communities. o fosters self-directed experiences of creativity, learning, and skill sharing.

  • encourages emerging leaders of all ages.

  • shares resources including the abundant materials available for creative reuse.

  • experiments with ideas through humble inquiry and arts-based research.                                  (source:

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Pottery Class

Adult Art Classes / Groups

Our art classes and therapeutic art groups are facilitated by highly trained practicing artists and professional art therapists online and in our Southeast Calgary Art Studio.


We have classes for adults in drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, photography, craftwork and more for beginners and those who have never made art to more advanced classes who wish to refine and share techniques with others. Therapeutic art groups often focus on a particular theme such as anxiety, self-care, grief or aging gracefully.


Rates often include all materials or feel free to bring your own. Our classes offer an inclusive space to all artists and we invite you to create art with us in a non-judgmental space for all.


  If you are and artist or facilitator who would like to teach your specific art skills to others for Nurture Nest Inc., please contact us today to express your interest in sharing your talent. we are always looking for more groups and classes to share.

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