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Nurturing Creativity with Art Classes and Art Therapy for Everyone

Connect, create, learn, and be nurtured: Nurture Nest provides therapeutic art classes and art therapy sessions for you, your child or other family member. We offer sessions in our art studio space and online from the comfort of your home.

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Art Teachers

Our Art teachers offer sessions in our cozy cafe art studio space in Calgary, Alberta.

Art Therapists

Art Therapists are required to have post graduate, masters level training in Art Psychotherapy and other methods.

Art Classes in Calgary’s Cornerstone Music Café

Cornerstone Music Cafe is a great place for art lovers to be. We offer quality art classes in Calgary and online. Whether you want to learn to a new style of art or want to advance your skills, we have lessons for all your artistic desires. The Cornerstone environment is a community-driven and family-oriented place where people are visiting to enjoy music, food, companionship, and art. Our teachers are professionally educated in art and believe in creative freedom.


We focus on encouraging students to experiment and explore their individual styles. In our classes, we go much beyond just teaching the basics.  Our instructors teach art to people of all age groups from babies to adults!

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ArtTherapy in Calgary’s Cornerstone Music Café

The Nurture Nest art therapy team is dedicated to providing art therapy services tailored to your individual needs. Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment. We help individuals explore their emotions, express themselves and find healing and growth. 

Psychologist for Children
Heart Hands


We connect with you to help understand and process emotions that can often be difficult to express with words.

Heart Hands


We guide you to create inspiring works of art and enable your imagination to flourish in a safe and supportive, confidential environment.

Heart Hands


We support you through the creative process while you learn new art-making techniques, and explore high quality art materials. All abilities are welcome.

Heart Hands


We nurture you and celebrate all types of people navigating life at every age and stage to empower you to become all you are created to be.

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