About our Founder...


"As the Founder of Nurture Nest, my wish is to create connection

by helping creative families make meaningful art together." -Tammy Thomson


Here are some things you may like to know about me...

  • I am an entrepreneur at heart. My first childhood business was a lemonade stand. 

  • I am an artist. I love to dissolve into the moment of creating a piece of art. 

  • I am an educator. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Child Studies and Developmental Psychology. I have been both a Preschool Teacher and Elementary School Teacher for more than 10 years.  

  • I have worked with babies, preschoolers and children of all ages. At one point I also taught adult first aid classes.

  • I am a wife to a great husband who is also an entrepreneur. He is a Chartered Accountant Fractional CFO and works in the background to support me with Nurture Nest. He often surprises himself with how creative he actually is when he works with paint instead of numbers.

  • I am a mother to three creative and inspiring young children. They motivate me, challenge me, and give me more joy than anything! They are also the official guinea pig testers of all our supplies and class projects.

  • I am an author. I wrote a picture book as part of a teacher's college inquiry project that was successfully published. It's called The World is Your Oyster and is published under the name Tamara James. It is illustrated by the talented Emma San Cartier and published by Simply Read Books. Check it out on Amazon or while you are browsing the shelves of Indigo

  • To enhance our art classes at Nurture Nest, I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Clinical Art Therapy from the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy and a Master's of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the Yorkville University. I am eager to embed my learning into our classes and eventually provide you with private therapy sessions once I am certified.

  • I love to drink coffee before it gets cold. 

  • I love New Zealand wine and chocolate. 

  • I love the smell of new art supplies and the glow of candlelight. 

I believe without a doubt that everyone is creative

and everyone can make a work of HEART!

I'd love to make art with you and I invite you to join our classes.

Love and warm wishes,

Tammy Thomson


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