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Nicole Haywood

Art Psychotherapy Student
50 minute sessions online $10 / studio $75.00 (plus GST)

Nicole is a student art therapist, fine artist and writer based in Calgary, Alberta who has always used the arts as a way to express her feelings and process difficult experiences. Nicole graduated with a BFA in drawing from AUArts in 2017 and has since spent her time working, volunteering and taking undergraduate psychology courses to prepare for CIIAT's Art Therapy Program. Nicole aspires to offer her clients authenticity, humour, and a warm down-to-earth approach where they know that wherever they find themselves in session - she will be right there with them to help facilitate their journey. For Nicole, art-making has become an integral spiritual and therapeutic practice that she believes has helped keep her alive through some of her most difficult times. She hopes to create a comfortable place for clients to reflect, honour, and play through the creative process.

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