NEW! Summer Art in the Park
90 minutes of creative, educational and playful art in the great outdoors
for families with children ages 2-10 years.

(under 2 years are free with a sibling)

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We connect your child and family through art therapy to understand and process emotions that can often be difficult to express with words.



We guide you to create inspiring works of art and enable your imagination to flourish in a safe and supportive, confidential environment.



We support you through the creative process while you learn new art-making techniques, and explore high quality art materials. All abilities are welcome.



We nurture your child and celebrate all types of families navigating life at every age and stage to empower you to become all you are created

to be.

Connect, create, learn, and be nurtured. Nurture Nest has a group art workshop or art therapy session for every child and family. We encourage children to process emotions, navigate relationships with family and friends and understand themselves through art-making and the creative process. We offer sessions in our art studio space and online from the comfort of your home.


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Picasso

Picasso is right!

Especially in our current times, art therapy can help your family express feelings, cope with anxieties, become more mindful and enjoy the creative process. You may ask, "But what if I am no good at art?" Art therapy is for EVERYONE. Creativity and art therapy is less about what you produce and more about the creating through the process of expression with different types of mediums and materials.

According the the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA), "art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy, facilitating self-exploration and understanding. Using imagery, colour and shape as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be

difficult to articulate."

YOU are a work of HEART!

Nurture Nest invites your family to experience the joy of understanding yourself deeply, make meaningful connections with each other and creating in a safe space to be the best of who you are created to be.

What is
Art Therapy?