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Rebecca Rowley   Professional Art Therapist
50 minute sessions online or in studio - $100.00 (plus GST)


Currently accepting

new clients.

Please email

for more information and to set up complimentary intake consultation.

Rebecca is a professional art therapist.  She is also an artist, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer in Calgary, Canada. She has taught art and photography to adults, teens and children through the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre and was a photography instructor for Canon Canada. She is passionate about the healing potential of the arts.

"My artwork, which is based in drawing, has always been a therapeutic and meaningful activity for me. Putting art together with therapy seems like the most natural thing in the world. Using art and creativity in my commercial work gives me a perspective on art's ability to communicate while my personal experience of art-making has shown me that there is insight and growth to be found in the art-making process. After many years of working on my own issues with the help of a wonderful therapist, I am now looking forward to using art therapy to help others.” - Rebecca Rowley

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